How to Build an Authentic Brand on LinkedIn & Facebook: 2023

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                                                 Guide to Brand Awareness

Are you using social media Correctly?

Most people use social media in the following ways:

    1. Hop on your favorite app and see what everyone else is doing and perhaps comment on a post of a friend.
    2. Promote yourself/your business through ads and self-promotional posts.
    3. Do not use social media at all.

You actually have to do all three of these, but also none of these, at the same time.

Confused yet? No worries, Matthew Lostaglia, a Business Advisor at the Farmingdale SBDC, is going to walk you through the most impactful step-by-step process that you can start using today. This strategy will attract more meaningful awareness of your brand faster than you could image. So make sure you are ready and able to track, follow up, and turn Connections into Customers.

 Presenter:  Matthew J. Lostaglia, Farmingdale SBDC Veteran Business Advisor