Government Contracting: Doing business with USDA Food and Inspection Service

Don Zavesky
Ohio APEX Accelerator powered by Ohio University in Cleveland
SBA participating event

Join the Ohio APEX Accelerator at Ohio University, in collaboration with the Cleveland SBA District Office, to learn more about doing business with the US Department of Agriculture: Food and Inspection Service. This presentation will include topics such as an overview of Food and Inspection Service, what goods and services they procure, how they can your small business engage and more! 

Examples of opportunities:

  • Portable Audiometer and Testing Services
  • Relief Veterinarian Staffing Services
  • Laboratory Glassware Washer
  • Microflex Safegrip Gloves
  • Pathogen Screening Technology
  • Antimicrobial Susceptibility Testing (AST) Supplies
  • HP 150 Mobile Printers