ChatGPT 101: The Game-Changer Set to Revolutionize Every Industry

Ted Galantowicz
SCORE Buffalo Niagara
Resource Partner event

ChatGPT, a natural language processing tool, is taking the world by storm with its human-like conversational abilities and wide-ranging applications  This webinar will present an opportunity to explore the immense potential of ChatGPT - from crafting emails, essays, and code to delivering personalized poetry.  Harnessing AI, this tool has marked a momentous feat by acquiring over a million users within the first five days of its launch  Our presenter will not only illuminate the tool's capabilities but also delve into how it's set to disrupt industries on an internet-scale.  Get ready to glimpse into the future, where AI tools like ChatGPT promise not just enhanced customer engagement, operational  efficiency, and scalability for businesses but also a competitive edge in the rapid evolving landscape.