Introduction to Power BI

George Gremse, Chapter Chair
SCORE Broward
Resource Partner event

In this information-packed webinar, you will learn the fundamentals of Power BI and how it can benefit you and your business.

First, we will discuss what is Power BI (and what is not), along with the difference between Power BI and Excel.

Next, we will discuss the different ways it is being used at the Enterprise Level, including minimum requirements, Key Power BI Terminology, and how to install the Desktop version.

In this session, we will also explore the Main Menu, how to import data and visualizations through an interactive demonstration.

We’ll conclude with the next steps on how you can evolve your knowledge of Power BI with the different resources available.

The goal of this session is to give you the information necessary to explore Power BI and decide if it fits as a solution for your business or career.


Copy of the recording and materials will be sent to all attendees