20 Excel Tricks You Should Know Webinar

Deborah Free
UGA Small Business Development Center
Resource Partner event

Saving time is the name of the game! This course will provide 20 tips and tricks to improve your ability to use Excel. Learn how to enter data for optimal use and skills such as generating charts & graphs, automatic formatting, and protecting spreadsheet data. Finally, learn several important formulas and how to use them to build spreadsheets to assist with business analysis for profitability and growth.

Course Outline

  • Tips & Tricks to quickly enter data such as dragging and locking cells 
  • Conditional formatting of sheets to reduce time manually formatting color and high lighting 
  • Keyboard short cuts to reduce time navigating Excel 
  • How to generate charts and graphs and move them into worksheets and workbooks 
  • Learn key formulas and how to use them to analyze data
  • Best practices for entering data into Excel and more!