Buying a Franchise as a Small Business Option

Pat Mathias
Score St. Louis Bi-State Region
Resource Partner event

Learn about the opportunities that may exist for you in the world of franchising. This workshop will feature a concise review of franchising today and offer you the opportunity to determine if franchising is something that might fit your style and your interest in business ownership. There will be an open invitation to ask questions at the end of an informative presentation about franchising basics and the opportunity to engage professionals on how best to explore your personal application in franchising.

Presenter's Bio: Ben Terrill our presenter is a franchisee himself of FranNet and an expert in matching businesses available for franchise entrepreneurs. Ben grew up in a household that encouraged realizing your dream of business ownership and learned at a very early age the benefits of ownership. Today Ben leads an effort to help prospective franchisees find opportunities that compliment their skill sets that leads to business ownership in the St Louis and Kansas City area. FranNet is a valued partner of SCORE and we think you can benefit from understanding what opportunities exist for new business ownership in franchising today.