Cybersecurity for Small Business: Preparing for when you actually get hacked

Ted Galantowicz
Buffalo Niagara SCORE
Resource Partner event

While the internet has made the process of reaching out to customers increasingly easy for businesses, it has exposed business sensitive data and systems to hackers seeking to exploit loopholes.  

There is a common mindset among small and medium sized businesses that "I really shouldn't worry, I'm such a small target."  This mindset as well as the ease of automation has made it increasingly easy for hackers to target small and medium-sized businesses because of poor security practices.  Hackers consider these businesses as "easy pickings" because they are more easily compromised and are less likely to be discovered.  

Cyber breaches can be devastating in that they can result in financial losses, reputation damage, legal liability, loss of customer and stakeholder trust, productivity losses, and even the potential for going out of business.

This webinar will discuss some of the critical steps that must be taken to safeguard your business' cyber security and the ways to implement these steps.