DAF CISO's Blue Cyber "Keep Safe! Ransomware Protection Strategies!

Lenora Leasure
Cattaraugus APEX Accelerator
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DAF CISO's Blue Cyber "Keep Safe!  Ransomware Protection Strategies! Let's get you the information and training you need to protect your U.S. Small Business from ransomware! 

With a Keynote from HBCU Leader: Dr. Tim Akers! 

Tuesday November 14 “Can you spot a Phish?”  Information you need to protect your U.S. Small Business from social engineering! A kickoff from co-host the Cattaraugus (NY) APEX Accelerator

Hear from NIST about how to keep your U.S. Small Business on the forefront of social engineering protections. Learn the methods/resources for your small business to manage this key risk to U.S. Small Business. CISA and other source help for your small business so you can have confidence that you have established robust defenses against falling victim to Phishing attacks. Phishing is the #1 way that you are targeted by cyber criminals and is vital you protect your U.S. Small Business. Walk away understanding how social engineering works, where to get training for your employees and what defenses constitute best practices for your defense. Free Open to the Public.  Register at www.sbir.gov/events 

Free Open to the Public.

Registration Link for November 14:  https://www.zoomgov.com/webinar/register/WN_6Gz84TQGRvm6YHMSVyE0Qg#/registration