Cybersecurity Part 3: The System Security Process

Luz Velasco
APEX Accelerators -San Diego, Imperial, Orange County Procurement Assistance Center
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The foundation for any security plan is Access Control.

The course covers the fundamentals for meeting the CMMC Level 1 requirements for protecting Federal Contract Information (FCI).
1. Level 1, Media Protection (MP) Domain a. Media Disposal
2. Level 1, Physical Protection (PE) Domain a. Limit Physical Access b. Escort Visitors c. Physical Access Logs d. Manage Physical Access 3. Level 1, System Communications Protections (SC) Domain; Topics: a. Boundary Protection a. Public-Access System Separation
4. Level 1, System Information Integrity (SI) Domain a. Flaw Remediation b. Malicious Code Protection c. Update Malicious Code Protection d. System and File Scanning
5. Review Level 1, Questions and Answers