Government Contracting: How To Start/How To Win!!

Thaddeus D. Hammond
U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA)
SBA event

FEDERAL GOVERNMENT CONTRACTING: Do you want to learn how to Navigate your way through this Federal Government Contracting Maze? Learn how to start and how to WIN!

Small businesses can benefit greatly with federal government contracts. For four years, the government has exceeded its 23 % goal of contracting with small businesses. In FY 2020, over $145.7B was awarded to small businesses, supporting hundreds of thousands of jobs and business expansion. And in 2021 the SB spend was $154.2B, or 27.23%-exceeding the federal government's socio economic SB Goal of 23% by over four points! And closer to home, the SBA's North Florida District Office (NFDO) is well on it's way to another banner year for firms in our 8(a) Business Development (BD) Program as we have received over $740M in Sole Source Offers this FY!

Small businesses are more easily competing for and winning these contracts because we are working to eliminate unnecessary paperwork, reduce regulations and cut red tape so a small business’ effort to grow and scale can be via contracts with the government.

Attend this workshop and learn about our four socio-economic federal government contracting programs, the importance of relationships, partnerships and alliances, how to market to the federal government, the registration and certification process, helpful tips and What's In It For You!!