How to Start a Mobile Food Business in Western CO - in person

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300 Hap Ct
Olathe, CO 81425

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Callie Koch

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West Central SBDC

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Resource Partner event

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Not only are food trucks and mobile food units trending in the food industry offering unique and creative concepts as well as the ability to bring products to target markets rather than waiting for customers to come to a brick and mortar, but they also allow startup food businesses to launch an idea with lower overhead costs and test it in a variety of markets.

For this comprehensive workshop series the West Central SBDC is partnering with Joseph Kean, an industry consultant and owner of Homestead Hut, a mobile food unit in Gunnison. Joseph built his food trailer from the ground up to meet all regulatory requirements and to be a versatile unit that can be utilized by other food businesses and chefs for business and as an educational tool for helping people understand how to build an optimal mobile food business.

In this full-day workshop, we will spend time in the classroom as well as in a custom-designed and operational food trailer exploring all aspects of starting and operating a mobile food business in Western Colorado covering these topics and much more:

*Health code regulations

*Mobile unit design

*Menu creation




*Power supply and waste disposal

*Commissary kitchens

*Facilitators: Joseph Kean, Callie Koch, Gina Simpson

Cost is $65 and includes lunch and snacks


Speaker(s): Joseph Kean, Homestead Hut Callie Koch, West Central SBDC Gina Simpson, Montrose County Department of Health and Human Services