Successful Small Business Pricing Strategies

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SCORE New York City

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For small business owners and start-ups seeking to drive results through a winning pricing strategy.

Hard to find "just the right price" for your product or service? A marketing consultant and a business start-up expert will teach you multiple strategic pricing formats and structures that encourage trial, buying-up and premium justification for your product or service. 

Gain the knowledge and resources to: 

  • Price your goods/services in a way that can cover your costs and ensure profitability to best ensure continuing business operation 
  • Differentiate between pricing strategies for retail, e-commerce, consulting, etc. 
  • Delineate key behaviors for healthy profitability 
  • Select the correct pricing objective for your business 
  • Identify the ideal pricing strategy for your products/services 
  • Select the most appropriate discounting activities

Join us for live Q&A!