Grant Funding 101: Risks, Rewards, and Reality

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SCORE SE Mass Chapter

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Grants sound great, but are they really too good to be true? Aren't they just for nonprofits? Once I've won one, isn't it just free money?


Let's cut to the chase and decide whether grant funding is right for your business. We'll dispel the myths and misdirections that lead many to spend time on the wrong programs--or pass up the right ones! With a strong understanding of what makes you or your work of interest to grant funders, you can craft a targeted search and application strategy. Finally, we'll look at trends in funding and where to find grants that could make a big difference in your business.


Key Takeaways

  • The real risks and rewards of grant funding
  • Why grant funders invest in businesses, organizations, and individuals
  • What it takes to write a grant application--and manage the award after
  • Grant readiness assessments
  • Grant search basics