Understanding Credit Scores & Reports

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Taya Brown

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Temple SBDC

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Resource Partner event

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A recent Clever Real Estate survey found that 3 in 5 Americans (61%) are in credit card debt, owing an average of $5,875. About 48% of Americans depend on credit cards to cover essential living expenses. In today’s Society Credit is used as a generic tool to assess who will qualify for Mortgage, Rent, Vehicle etc. This is why learning how to properly utilize credit has become one of the most important pillars of money management whether for personal or for business use. This workshop has been designed to provide insights on what factors lead to credit scoring and reporting. After attending this course participants will be able to practice smart and responsible credit management habits to stay on top of their finances.

Jen O’Hara - Jennifer O’Hara is a graduate of West Chester University with a B.A. in History. She has been working in the banking industry since 2012 and is passionate about educating people on how to bank smarter, both in their personal lives and for their businesses. She joined M&T in 2023 and is committed to their goal of investing in the growth and sustainability of the businesses and communities we serve.


Alman Hoq- Alman Hoq graduated from Rutgers Business School with a B.S. in Finance and a Concentration in Management Info Systems. His passion for contributing to Community Growth and Small business development has led him to M&T.  He has been with M&T for almost 2 Years.