Protecting Your Business with Trademarks

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1455 West Loop South Suite 900
Houston, TX 77027

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Gina Mattei

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Strong trademarks (TMs) can help customers find your business, protect your brand, and serve as your unique identifier. A trademark can be any word, name, and/or symbol. In this session, an Intellectual Property attorney will share concrete strategies you need to know to avoid the distraction and expense of trademark-related mistakes.


  • Selecting a strong TM
  • Reducing infringement exposure
  • Structuring TM ownership for the life of your business
  • Building the case for registering and maintaining a strong TM
  • Policing your TM

This presentation is for individuals interested in learning how to: (1) use a trademark in their business while minimizing liability for infringement of someone else’s trademark, (2) take actions to develop and adopt a strong trademark in a business, (3) develop materials that support a state or federal trademark registration, and (4) police their trademark rights.