COVID EIDL Repayment Webinar

Marlow Schindler
SBA event

COVID EIDL Repayment Webinar

Tuesday, February 7th, 2-3 pm

No registration needed, please use this attendee link at the time of the webinar.

Learn how to Manage & Pay Your COVID EIDL

Did your organization or small business receive a COVID EIDL? All loans had a 30-month deferment period and many borrowers are beginning to make their first payments.

Learn how to register for CAFS to find out when your loan is due, how much your payment is, track your loan balance, and get other important information you need to manage your loan.

Find out how to make your payments online via and learn what to do if you don't know your loan number or need assistance with issues regarding your COVID EIDL.

Save the date: We will host another COVID EIDL Repayment webinar on February 21st.

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