President Biden announced important changes to the PPP, including a two-week window for businesses with fewer than 20 employees.

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Kaleo Nawahine grew up in a very secure home on the Island of Oahu, the son of an educator and a nurse.  He spent his youth surrounded by his extended family enjoying all the regular activities available to Hawaiian children.   Education was emphasized in his home so there was never any doubt in his mind that upon graduation from high school he would go to college and eventually find a secure job of his own.

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Al Youngwerth’s parents had no idea the impact that a trip with their young son to the theater for a viewing of “On Any Sunday” would someday reshape the off-road motorcycle industry worldwide.  The impressionable lad was already smitten with dirt bike riding, but to see it glamorized on the big screen left a significant imprint on his mind.

Children’s Therapy Place (CTP) was started in 2001 by Sondra McMindes after relocating to Boise from her native state of Florida.

Some entrepreneurs dream big.  Some entrepreneurs work tirelessly.  Entrepreneur Corrine McKague, owner of Alarmco Inc., doesn’t know the word no.  McKague came by it honestly as her she watched her father run a successful security business for many years. 


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