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Missouri (St. Louis)

Missouri (St. Louis) District Office

SBA will be participating in workshops with Justine PETERSEN throughout the eastern half of Missouri over the next two months.  If you have clients or small businesses that would benefit from learning more about or would like to improve their credit scores, please let them know about the workshops – “The Importance of Credit Scores in Accessing Capital for Your Small Business:  How to Build and Maintain a Competitive Credit Score.”  These workshops will also include an overview of SBA loan programs. 

SBA utilizes an electronic loan processing system for 7(a) lending, also known as E-Tran. Stephen Kucharski – Director, SBA Office of Performance and Systems Management reported that “E-Tran allows lenders to communicate and perform most relevant transactions with SBA electronically, thus cutting down substantially on both paperwork and processing time.


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