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Fee Disclosure Form and Compensation Aggreement For Agent Services In Connection With an SBA 504 Loan

Section 13 of the Small Business Act (15 USC §642) requires that a small business SBA loan applicant (“Applicant”) identify the names of persons engaged by or on behalf of the Applicant for the purpose of expediting the application and the fees paid or to be paid to any such person. 13 C.F.R., Part 103.5 requires any Agent to execute and provide to SBA a compensation agreement (“Agreement”). showing the compensation charged for services rendered or to be rendered to the Applicant or lender in any matter involving SBA assistance. "Agent" includes a loan packager, referral agent, broker, accountant, attorney, consultant or any other party that receives compensation from representing an Applicant in connection with an SBA loan.

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OMB Approved
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159 (504)
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Sunday, August 31, 2014
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