Surety Bond Guarantee Agent of the Year Award

Information about eligibility and how to submit a nomination package for the Surety Bond Guarantee Agent of the Year Award.


The Surety Bond Guarantee Agent of the Year Award honors one individual SBA authorized bonding agent for their support of small businesses through the Surety Bond Guarantee Prior Approval Program based on fiscal year (FY) bond guarantee volume. 

Award eligibility

Who may submit nominations for this award?

Nominees are determined by OSG staff based on evaluation criteria. External nominations are not accepted. 

Who is NOT eligible to be nominated for this award?

Individuals who are currently suspended or debarred by the Federal government, have won the award in the last three (3) federal fiscal years, or have FY net bond guarantee claims over $1 million. 

How and when is the winner selected?

When is the award announced?

Announcement is made via SBA Press Release once the awardee has been selected and confirmed. 

What are the evaluation/selection criteria?

  • Greatest FY bond guarantee volume of top 15 individual agents
  • Greatest bond guarantee volume increase over prior FY
  • Lowest FY bond guarantee default rate 

What are the selection procedures?

SBA’s Office of Surety Bond Guarantees evaluates nominees, and the OSG Director makes the final decision.

Need help?

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Last updated September 6, 2023