Requests For Quotations

The Office of Advocacy (Advocacy) is pleased to announce a series of solicitations for small business research.  Proposals are due by 7:30 AM Mountain time on Friday, July 29, 2016. If the below links are not active, go to and search for recent Small Business Administration listings, or by the solicitation number. The following solicitations are currently open.


1.Research on Miscellaneous Small Business Topics Using Large Datasets (Link)

Solicitation Number: SBAHQ-16-Q-0062


2.Research on Miscellaneous Small Business Topics on Minority Entrepreneurship (Link)

Solicitation Number: SBAHQ-16-Q-0061


3.Research on Information Collection on Veteran Entrepreneurship and Training and Preparedness for Transitioning Service Members from Active Duty to Civilian Life (Link)

Solicitation Number: SBAHQ-16-Q-0069


4.Data Collection Investigating the Impacts of New Technologies in Small Business (Link)

Solicitation Number: SBAHQ-16-Q-0068


5. Research on the Contributions of Small Business Indirect Exports to U.S. International Trade (Link)

Solicitation Number: SBAHQ-16-Q-0067


6. Research on Roles and Contributions of U.S. Small Business in Global Supply Chains (Link)

Solicitation Number: SBAHQ-16-Q-0066


7. Research on Dataset on Business Dynamism (Link)

Solicitation Number: SBAHQ-16-Q-0065


8. Research on Social Mobility and Self-employment (Link)

Solicitation Number: SBAHQ-16-Q-0064


9. Research on Miscellaneous Small Business Topics Women-Owned Businesses (Link)

Solicitation Number: SBAHQ-16-Q-0063


10. Research on the Evolution of Local Credit Markets for Small Business (Link)

Solicitation Number: SBAHQ-16-Q-0060


11. Research on the Changing Value of Patents to Startups (Link)

Solicitation Number: SBAHQ-16-Q-0059


Other Information

The Office of Advocacy’s mission includes providing research documenting the status of small businesses and the impact of important trends. To fulfill this task, Advocacy periodically fund small business research from researchers through requests for quotations (RFQs). Areas of interest have been chosen because they are researchable, show the status or role of small businesses, can be a catalyst for further research, or may provide policymaking insight.

What are ‘Miscellaneous’ topics? Miscellaneous solicitations request empirical research for a suggested but not fully inclusive list of possible topics, thus providing prospective researchers with the flexibility to propose a novel but relevant research project that may not be listed via other solicitations. 


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