Privacy Impact Assessments

Below is a listing of all SBA information systems containing personally identifiable information (PII). SBA values its employees’ and contractors’ personal information contained in records or information systems, and will continue to do all it can to protect it in accordance with the E-government Act of 2002. This Act requires all Federal agencies to assess the impact of all new and revised information systems. PIAs also allow us to clearly articulate to the public how the agency handles its information. In addition the PIA discusses how we address privacy concerns and safeguard our information.

  1. Business Development Management Information Systems
  2. Contract Management Systems
  3. Disaster Credit Management System
  4. HUBZone
  5. Loan Accounting System
  6. Loan/Lender Monitoring System
  7. Loan Management and Accounting System
  8. Microloan Data Entry System
  9. TechNet
  10. TeamMate Automated Audit Documentation System
  11. HSPD-12
  12. eVersity EEO Management System
  13. iComplaints EEO Management System
  14. Auditing Information Management System
  15. GoalOwner
  16. Investigations Management Information System
  17. 7(a) Loan Guaranty Processing System
  18. CRM - Correspondence Management
  19. Oracle Administrative Accounting System/JAAMS
  20. E8(a)
  21. Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  22. Financial Management System (FMS)
  23. Customer Service Center Telecommunication System (CSCTCS)
  24. Office of Hearings & Appeals Case Tracking System (OHACTS)
  25. Surety Bond Gurantee/Preferred Surety Bond
  26. Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Case Tracking System
  27. Central Servicing Agent/Fiscal Transfer Agent Secondary Market System (CSA/FTA)
  28. E-Lending
  30. Third Party Social Media Websites and Applications