FY 2011 Agency Financial Report (AFR)

The U.S. Small Business Administration’s (SBA) Agency Financial Report (AFR) for FY 2011 provides an overview of the Agency’s financial and performance data to help Congress, the President, and the public assess SBA’s stewardship over the resources entrusted to it.

The AFR is the first in a series of three annual financial and performance reports for federal agencies choosing to produce a separate AFR.  An Annual Performance Report (APR), and a Summary of Performance and Financial Information (SPFI) make up the other two reports. The FY 2011 APR, included as part of the FY 2013 Congressional Budget Justification (CBJ), which is the Agency’s budget request to Congress, will be issued February 6, 2012; and the FY 2011 SPFI, which brings together in summary fashion the financial, performance and budgetary information presented in the AFR and the CBJ/APR, is to be released February 15, 2012.

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