Governance Approach Summary and Documentation

The Business Technology Investment Council (BTIC) and the Business Technology Investment Advisory Committee (BTI-AC) are the executive oversight bodies for the Small Business Administration’s (SBA) Information Technology Investment Management (ITIM) processes and transformational Business processes which constitute the agency’s Enterprise Architecture (EA).  In direct response to the Digital Strategy Milestone #4.2 outlined in the, May 23, 2012 Digital Government:  Building a 21st Century Platform to Better Serve the American People strategy document, SBA has decided to incorporate digital services into these two governing bodies existing policies and procedures.  Both the BTIC and BTI-AC have updated their defined scope of authority, core principles and roles and responsibilities to reinforce the establishment of the agency’s commitment to digital services governance structure to:

  • Set specific measurable goals for delivering better services at lower costs
  • Establish agency-wide standards for content lifecycle management, adoption of third-party online tools, mobile application delivery and sharing (e.g., infrastructure and digital information)

Currently, SBA is developing a supplemental document for formal review and approval that will serve as an appendix to our existing BTIC Charter.  This document will serve as both a process document and a checklist that the BTIC membership will use to review all existing and new investments to ensure that they provide valued services, interoperability, and openness to provide the best tools and information to the American public.