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Electronically Submit Your Package

Introducing Sendthisfile, SBA's new File Transfer Service

What to expect when you press the CONTINUE button at the bottom of this screen:

When you click the Continue button below, you will be directed to SBA's new File Transfer Service, and the
form below will open for you to fill out?

Fill out this form as follows:

  1. Enter your email address.
  2. Select the mailbox you are sending to from the Recipient drop down menu.
  3. On the Subject l ine, enter the loan number( no spaces or dashes) along with the loan name.
  4. In the Messag,e please enter the type of action you are requesting ( subordination, liquidation plan, etc) on the first line and any other message you have concerning the action.
  5. Attach the files, any type, any size - there is no size limitation. Best of all, they are secure.
  6. If you wish to receive a receipt for each file you have sent when SBA downloaded it, select "Every download" from the Download notice drop down menu. The other choices are self-explanatory.
  7. To receive notification that your files were sent successfully, check the Upload notice box.
  8. When you're ready to go, click on the SendThisFile button. When you click on the SendThisFile button, it will appear as though a file has uploaded in about one second. The red progress bar will flash across the screen. You'll even see the next screen that says "File send complete!" If there is a problem and the file was not sent, usually because either the file name or its path are wrong, the second part of the message will show "File send complete. (0 sent)."

Caution: Be sure to keep the SendThisFile page open while your file uploads. If you close your browser, or click on the "Back" button, the upload will stop.