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Small Business Jobs Act of 2010: Changes to the Export Working Capital Program (EWCP) and the International Trade Loan Program (ITL)

The 2011 Small Business Lending Conference will take place March 31, 2011 from 7:45 a.m. to 3:00 p.m at the Kellogg Center at Michigan State University in East Lansing, Michigan. For more information on the conference, please see the below attachment.

Revised SBA Form 1086, Secondary Participation Guaranty Agreement and Form 1502, Guaranty Loan Status & Lender Remittance Form

Small Business Jobs Act of 2010: New Dealer Floor Plan Pilot Program

Changes to 504 Certified Development Company Loan Program Regarding Debt Refinancing Authorized by the Jobs Act

Interested Proteges

Santoni International Builders, LLC
POC: Martha Santoni
13009 Roberts Island Road
Orlando, FL 32832
Tel: 407.694.5578
E-mail: msantoni@santonibuilders.com
Primary Industry: Construction

U.S. Small Business Administration
Fresno District Office
801 R Street, Suite 201, Fresno, CA 93721
Telephone No:  (559) 487-5791
Fax No:  (559) 487-5636
TDD/TTY:  (800) 877-8339





District Director - Eric Ness
Milwaukee Office (414) 297-1471
Madison Office (608) 441-5205
Computer Fax (202) 481-1881

While SBA does not make loans directly, you can find a local lender who can help you with your loan application. You may also speak directly with a local SBA representative by calling 312-353-4528.

To view a list of active lenders for the Illinois District Office, please refer to the below attachment.

Jobs Act Provisions Affecting Small Business Participation in Government Contracting


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