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What Services do the Commercial Loan Centers (CLCs) Provide?

The Commercial Loan Centers (CLCs) address servicing and workout request on lender serviced loans as well as XGP and 504 loan servicing issues. Commercial Loan Centers (CLCs) also address liquidation requests for lender serviced SBAExpress (including Community Express) and 504 loans.

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For purposes of transcript analysis in the guaranty purchase review process, SBA will consider the date of default to be the first day on which the full amount of a regular installment payment was due and was not paid in full. The default date will not advance after a loan exceeds 90 days past due unless the loan meets one of the following criteria for restoration to performing status:

How and Where to Request Purchase

SBA requires that lenders use the NGPC provided Tab Pages to separate their purchase package. Tabbed separated packages deliver a highly organized and more efficient package that may result in a faster processing time.

To submit a request for the cancellation of a SBA guaranty, submit an email to requesting this action. Please include the loan name and number on all correspondence.

Reporting Requirements

There is a dual reporting requirement on loans in liquidation.  

  • On a monthly basis, all SBA loans are reported on the SBA 1502 report.  When the loan is transferred into liquidation status, please remember to change the status code on your monthly 1502 status report to “5” for in-liquidation status.

Prior to initiating recovery procedures, Lenders are strongly encouraged to prepare a comprehensive liquidation plan based on the facts known and reasonable assumptions.  As a guide, you may refer to and use SBA form 1979 for assistance in preparing a plan.

Unless the loan was authorized under the Certified Lender Program, the Lender does not need to submit for prior approval any liquidation plan prior to implementation or loan purchase.

Access via GPO's Federal Digital System:

Title 13--Business Credit and Assistance


If your institution has any non-SBA loans to the borrower or its principals/guarantors, or has liens from any such loans against collateral securing the SBA loan, please be aware that proceeds from sale of collateral should be applied based on relative lien position as required by the SBA Loan Authorization.   SBA also would expect that prudent and reasonable liquidation-related expenses be allocated by lien priority.  Please be mindful that SBA will only recognize other lender priority liens, such as purchase money liens, if the lender has properly perfected and received SBA’s prior writte


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