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If the surety company or agent uses a paper submission, it must complete the applicable parts of this form and submit to the Denver or Seattle office. Addresses and geographical distributions can be found on the Office of Surety Guarantees website at If the electronic application system is used, a paper copy is not required. The electronic application system can be accessed at

This signature form is filled out in addition to the HUBZone application, verifying SBA Ownership Requirements from Small Agriculture Cooperatives

This form is a signature form, used in addition to the HUBZone application for Indian Tribal Governements, verifying they meet SBA Ownership Requirements if an Indian Tribal Government.

Application for Surety Bond Guarantee Assistance.

Instructions: If work has begun on the project, the small business must complete this form and submit it to the surety agent of choice. When the work under a contract has actually begun, an SBA official having delegated authority to approve the bond in question (see 13 CFR part 101), may nevertheless guarantee a bond or bonds pursuant to Part 115 of 13 CFR, upon receipt, satisfactory to SBA, of all the items below. 1. Evidence (certified copy

The purchaser certifies, at the time of executing timber sale Contract No. to which this statement is annexed, that in accordance with the Rules and Regulations (13 CFR 121) of the Small Business Administration (SBA).

Management Training Report

If you're new to federal contracting, teaming with another business as a "subcontractor" is a great way to get your foot in the door in the federal government. The Internet is a great resource to locate opportunties to partner with other vendors.

In addition to SUB-Net, the following resources provide guidance for creating teaming arrangements and subcontracting:

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