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Deciding to file for bankruptcy can be a painful decision, but you may find yourself in a position with no other options. To protect yourself and your business, educate yourself about this course of action before making the decision.

  • IRS Bankruptcy Tax Guide 
    Learn more about debt cancellation, tax procedures, and considerations for different types of business structures.

Ownership Confirmation for Partnership SBICs.

Stockholder's Confirmation for Corporate SBICs

CDCs are required to submit an annual report on their operations to SBA. (13 CFR, §§ 120.826 and 120.830) All reports are to be prepared in accordance with the instructions and attachments set forth in this guide.

A Certified Development Company must comply with all existing and future Regulations issued under the Small Business Investment Act of 1958, as well as applicable State and Federal Laws affecting its operations. Prospective applicants are presumed to be completely familiar with the Act and the Regulations. SBA Form 1246, "Application", is to be filed in triplicate with the SBA district or branch offices to which loan applications will be submitted.

Lender's Transcript of Account

Guaranty Loan Purchased

SBA Form 1031: Portfolio Financing Report.

Financial Statement of Debtor

Listing Collateral Documents.


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