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Administrative Wage Garnishment


SBA may order your employer to pay a portion of your disposable pay to satisfy delinquent non-tax debt owed to the United States through a process called administrative wage garnishment (AWG).


SBA debtors undergoing AWG have the right to a hearing before a hearing official if it’s requested in writing disputing either (1) the existence or amount of the debt, or (2) the terms of the repayment schedule (except a repayment schedule the debtor and SBA agreed to in writing).


Hearings for AWG initiated by the Treasury Department


If you wish to request a hearing, and the Treasury Department or a private collection agency working for the Treasury Department has initiated the AWG (on behalf of SBA):


Follow the instructions on the Notice of Intent to Initiate Administrative Wage Garnishment that you received. If you have any questions, please contact the Treasury Department at:


U.S. Department of the Treasury

Attn: AWG Analyst

Administrative Wage Garnishment Liaison

PO Box 830794

Birmingham, AL  35283-0794


1-866-896-2947 Telecommunications Device for the Deft (TDD)


Hearings for AWG initiated by SBA’s National Disaster Loan Resolution Center


If SBA initiated the AWG and you wish to request a hearing, you can complete and submit the hearing request form located here (note: not for use on loans serviced by the Treasury Department).

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