Success Stories

ANCOR, INC. - SBA Success Story


Carl Waters, a Service Disabled Veteran, is living proof that with the right attitude and a lot of hard work, almost anything is possible. After losing his arm during a long and distinguished career as a fire chief in the U.S. Air Force, Carl wanted to try something different. In 2001 Carl entered the world of construction in the Anchorage area. Carl’s father and uncles had been in the construction business in Maryland for several years and were a tremendous help mentoring him along the way. He started by replacing doors, locks and other small-scale jobs to make a name for himself and build a good reputation. Although Alaska is a vast place, the population is relatively small, which proved to be a challenge for “the new guy” trying to get a foot in the door. “Many contractors have had a lifetime to build relationships throughout Alaska, I have only been here since 1992, which presented a difficult challenge getting started,” said Carl Waters. Shortly after starting his... Read More