P.I. Roofing

 P. I. Roofing has been in business since 2001, focusing on residential customers in Central Arkansas. Joel’s roofing business stands out in the industry because educating the customer is paramount to him.

 Knowing that a knowledgeable customer is a good customer, Joel and his wife, Veronica, wrote “The Roof Leak Detective –Never Pay for Another Roof!” The book’s goal is to educate their customers about their roofs and how contractors think and operate. Joel noted that “[w]hile there are many good, reputable roofing companies, far too many fly-by-night companies have given our industry a bad name.” Joel works with customers to fix roofs that can be repaired and to help them save for the time when a full replacement is necessary.

The roofing business is a tough industry, but P.I. Roofing has met the challenges and survived. In 2008 Joel expanded into Northwest Arkansas and Northeast Texas. Revenues increased dramatically but so did expenses. Unfortunately, some of the managers at the new sites did not share Joel’s vision and goals. Facing a potentially fatal financial crisis, the company moved back to its core in Central Arkansas. Joel credits Arkansas SCORE counselor Jim Sadler with the assistance that helped put the company back on solid ground. The SCORE assistance helped Joel to think of his business in a whole new way.

 In addition to his customers, Joel attends to the needs, ideas, and concerns of his employees. With their input, he has created how to manuals on every aspect of the company. When the housing economy failed, he turned to the company’s most valuable asset, his employees, to provide suggestions about cutting expenses.

There is one other high ranking entity that gets Joel’s attention – those in need. P.I. Roofing contributes to nine charities, needy individuals in the community, and students going on mission trips. Joel and Veronica have also participated in mission trips to North Africa and Italy.

The business may be summed up by Joel’s statement. “I sincerely believe that the better educated our customers are, the better we can serve them. And I’m in the business of serving customers to the best of my ability and in such a way that I can feel God’s blessing at the end of each day.”



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