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About Us

About Our Office: 

The Arizona District Office plays a significant role in the economic development of Arizona with a substantial impact to the state’s economy. According to the latest Census, Phoenix is the sixth largest city in the country and Arizona, with its 114,000 square miles, is the sixth largest state. Arizona has one of the fastest growing economies in the nation with over 400,000 businesses and employing more than half the state’s workforce. 99 percent of all businesses in Arizona are considered small businesses.

Mission Statement

The principal mission of the Arizona District Office is to maintain and strengthen Arizona’s economy by aiding, counseling, assisting and protecting the interests of Arizona small business, and to maintain and strengthen the overall economy of our nation. Our vision for the SBA resolves around three guiding principles: customer-driven outreach, goal-orientated management and the adaptation of personal achievement measures that tie our contributions to the achievement of Agency and District Goals.

We are determined to reach out to small businesses in an unprecedented ways, never seen in the history of the Arizona District Office. We shall listen to the needs of small business, report those needs back to Headquarters, enhance our management structure, our organization structure and our business practices to improve the delivery of SBA programs. Through these changes, the Arizona District Office will create a more entrepreneurial, customer-driven and technically efficient SBA.

For program and service information about the Arizona District Office, call (602) 745-7200. Additional staff member names and phone numbers are listed elsewhere on the Arizona District Office homepage. The SBA staff directory is located on our main web page under the section titled “Resources in Your Area".  It is on page 4 of the Arizona Resource Guide.  To contact us by email use Replies are generally provided within 24-hours.

Services Available at Arizona District Office

Over the years, the SBA has developed many small business loan and assistance programs, special outreach efforts and initiatives to aid and inform small businesses. The following describes briefly all the services and information available through this office:

  • Free counseling, advice and information on starting or growing a business through the Service Corps of Retired Executives (SCORE), Phoenix Chapter #105. Call (602) 745-7200 to get the phone numbers of the local chapters to make a counseling appointment.

  • Financial assistance for new or existing businesses through guaranteed loans made by area bank and non-bank lenders. You can sit down with an SBA program specialist and get information about SBA loans or participating lenders. Call (602) 745-7200 to make an appointment for a free on-on-one counseling session.

  • Free consulting services through the network of Small Business Development Centers. SBDCs also conduct training events throughout the district - some require a nominal registration fee.

  • Procurement and government contracting assistance to businesses owned and controlled by socially and economically disadvantaged individuals through the Minority Enterprise Development Program (8a) Business Development).

  • The Arizona District has a Women's Business Ownership Representative on site that can advise women business owners of programs and services that are targeted towards women entrepreneurs. For more information call the Women's Business Ownership Representative Anna Rivera at (602) 745-7207.

  • Special loan programs are available for businesses involved in international trade, pollution control, exporting, and contracting.

  • If you're a veteran, you may want to consider a guaranteed loan. Our Veterans Affairs Officer is available to assist you in finding the right bank willing to help Veterans. Please contact James Pipper at 602.745.7230 for questions related to the Veteran program.