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Sacramento District Woman-Owned Business of the Year

Carrie Schmidt, CEO of B.C. Schmidt Construction, Inc. graduated from California State University, Chico in 1992 with a Business Degree.  She never dreamed that she would become a General Contractor specializing in Federal Construction/Services, having multiple offices, and providing employment opportunities. 

Carrie used her unwavering determination, spending endless hours educating herself in Federal Small Business Set Aside programs and certifications.  This education helped gain access to limited competition contracts. 

With certifications in hand, the switch from commercial to government contracting began, and the process of educating employees in the performance standards for government contracting.  This includes specific training in Safety, Quality Control Standards, Contract Administration, Proposal Writing, and marketing necessary for a successful business. 

Carrie attributes her successes to the motivation and diligence of her teams.  Her teams overall vision of exceeding customer expectations and keeping their best interests at heart has proven successful.