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Small Business Owner Gives Back to Community

Spencer Defty grew up in Healdsburg, California and moved to Davis before high school. Upon graduation, Spencer spent time working for local farmers and vineyard owners. This opportunity allowed him to learn real hands-on skills with heavy equipment, business management, and customer relations. In 1989, Spencer purchased his first small farm tractor and secured local jobs in the agriculture industry. From that point forward, Spencer took on development work on his own and began building personal relationships with local customers by providing reliable, quality work at a reasonable
price with the best customer service.

Since that time, Diamond D General Engineering, Inc has maintained consistent growth and financial success, built on his reputation for a positive attitude, responsiveness, problem-solving innovation and integrity. Diamond D is now a certified heavy civil construction and engineering company that performs excavation, demolition, earthmoving, paving and habitat restoration work. Spencer's leadership approach rewards teamwork, initiative and accomplishment, creating a positive work environment that challenges his staff and provides opportunities for advancement while fostering the excellent performance that his clients expect.

As President, Spencer firmly believes in his employees and treats them as an extension of his family. "The company is really the employees. They are our biggest asset. We draw a lot from the farm community, people who are talented, smart and hardworking who can't make a living on farms anymore."

In the private sector, Spencer is known for his reliability, trustworthiness and commitment to his family and to his employees. In the community, Spencer has been acknowledged and praised for his volunteer work, contribution, and willingness to volunteer his time to better this region. In June 2008, Spencer inspired a collaborative effort to pay tribute to local World War II Veterans by hosting a World War II Playday in Woodland, Ca.

He continues to fight for the small business community and the greater Sacramento region as he co-chairs the Sacramento Metro Chamber Small Business Committee and is an active member of the Metro Political Action Committee. For the past four years, Spencer has been an active volunteer participant of the regional Capitol-to-Capitol trip which is the largest legislative program of its kind to improve the economy and enhance the quality of life in the greater Sacramento region.

He also makes the time to attend local board meetings, write letters, and voice his opinion regarding topics such as the California Air Resources Board off-road diesel regulations. These are just a few things that Spencer and his family sacrifice their time for in order to assure the community's future.