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SBA Loan Organizes Cash Flow of Woman Owned Small Business

Dorothy Breininger is the quintessential organizer of corporate, university, home-based, and personal office and work station environments. She has written numerous articles and a book on goal planning and organization. In short, she makes her living by helping others get organized or to reduce the clutter in their business and personal lives. It seems we can all make use of Dorothy Breininger’s talents. A recent article in the Los Angeles Times attests to Dorothy’s abilities to help us clutter-bugs overcome our habit of hoarding.

Ms. Breininger is the founder and driving force behind the Center For Organization. Her firm has performed workplace wizardry for approximately two decades, during which she has physically worked inside corporations to successfully organize space and work systems for CEOs and other high-profile individuals.

Lack of organization, mixed with hoarding fever, moves beyond the realm of mundane business issues to often warrant significant consideration by management. If the issue is not remedied, serious efficiency denigration may evolve. Disorganization can prove debilitating to a large organization. If found in a small business, it can be lethal. To help create an awareness of the need for effective work systems and to combat the waste of resources due to poor organization habits, the National Association for Professional Organizers (NAPO) was formed. And guess who serves on the Board of Directors? Yes Dorothy Breininger!

It was at a recent meeting of that very same organization, NAPO, that Dorothy Breininger and the SBA connected. Natalie Orta, Chief of Business and Economic Development for the Los Angeles District Office of the SBA, was invited to address the attendees on SBA Loan Programs and Services. Ms. Orta, a self proclaimed neat-nik in her own right, was warmly received by the NAPO members. “Natalie’s presentation was so informative,” mused Breininger, “she convinced me that I could qualify for SBA assistance.”

For some time after the meeting, Natalie’s words on SBA programs kept resonating in Dorothy’s ears. Soon words became action and Dorothy contacted Natalie. The two exchanged ideas and information about business planning, cash flow and access to capital. As a result of the business assessment, Natalie referred Dorothy to an SBA intermediary and the rest was “uncluttered” history, as Dorothy Breininger was approved for an SBA Express Loan!

Los Angeles SBA District Director, Alberto G. Alvarado expressed his elation at Dorothy Breininger’s success story saying, “Ms. Breininger’s scenario underscores how smooth the SBA
loan process can be, if the entrepreneur is organized and well prepared. Kudos to Dorothy for having her business in order and for helping to get the rest of us in order”. To obtain additional information on the Center For Organization visit the web site at or contact Dorothy Breininger at (818)718-0611.

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