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Small Business Owner Receives SBA Loans for Start-up, Growth, Receives Recognition

David Linde and Abbie Kaplan started Salon Radius with little knowledge of how to run a business and what it takes financially to weather the first 5 years. They poured everything they had into their company, financially, mentally, and physically, working 7 days a week, to see their vision of being one of the most well known salons in San Diego come true.

Though they struggled in the beginning with cash flow issues, as well as, employee/stylist loyalty difficulties Mr. Linde and Ms. Kaplan quickly overcame these issues and have taken the beauty industry by storm. They opened Salon Radius mid-2002 and in less than a year the Salon was voted “One of the Top 22 Salons of the Year” by Salon Today Magazine for 2003. In addition, they have been featured on KUSI News Channel 9 and in Vibra Magazine.

They recently acquired their second SBA loan which has helped them to grow Salon Radius in ways they did not see possible before. This loan gave them a cash flow cushion, and enabled them to begin remodeling the Salon for new ventures in Skin Care and Retail. “The loan provides the muscle needed for increasing business through long term commitments and long term investments. Best thing we ever did,” says Linde. Salon Radius is about making sure their clients and their community is being taken care of. Making a better place for people to live and enjoy life. And…having them look their best in the process! David and Abbie are avid supporters of the City of Hope’s cause and play an active role in just about every local cause in their area.

Their best advice to other entrepreneurs is to have the financial means to go the first 5 years without making much on your investment. As well as a clear vision of what you want out of your business in the end, as well as, a clear path of what you want to achieve with your business. Their current goal is to grow another 30% annually for the next 3 years, become more involved in their community, and further their presence in the area for being one of the most well-known salons in San Diego.