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San Diego District Office Success Stories

San Diego District Office Success Stories

Dorance Aldridge is not just a business owner, he’s also a cook—Southern Creole and Cajun style. He developed his Creole sauces while operating his restaurant in the South Bay. In 2004, he approached the Small Business Development & International Trade Center (SBDITC) to help him make his sales as hot as his sauces.

Since then, Aldridge has worked to expand his distribution as well as his product line. He met with SBDITC Consultant Matt Yubas to review Brendory’s position in the marketplace and develop tactics to improve that position.

Aldridge also worked with SBDITC Consultant Larry Kirsch to refine his marketing materials. “Both Matt and Larry went out of their way to get information pertinent to my business, specifically,” said Aldridge.

To date, Dorance Aldridge and his partner and wife, Brenda, have increased sales greatly and added new products, including Andouille sausage. The U.S. Navy and Coast Guard now serve food made with Brendory’s Creole sauce. Aldridge works with the culinary staff to maximize the versatility of the Brendory’s products stocked onboard. The products have proved so popular with the troops that Aldridge’s sales to the military are up by 30%, and his products are served on 38 vessels.

Explaining his product’s appeal, Aldridge said, “It’s easy to touch all walks of life with the Creole sauce, it’s a flavor that people are familiar with.”