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Success Stories

Small Business Owner Achieves High Growth After SCORE Guidance, SBA Loan

In 2001, Lisa Druxman created Stroller Strides, an exercise program that she could do with her son, and at the same time, help provide a source of income without returning to work full time. Lisa taught this stroller workout program, combining power walking with a stroller and body toning exercises using the environment, exercise tubing, and a stroller. It became so popular that Stroller Strides is now the country’s largest and fastest growing fitness program for moms.

One of the largest challenges for Stroller Strides was its huge growth. They needed funding to properly support the company when it grew so quickly. Luckily they were able to acquire an SBA guaranteed loan, which provided the funding needed to get them through their transition from mom and pop company to a large franchise operation.

Through instructor and franchising opportunities, Stroller Strides has given hundreds of moms a unique and rewarding career that allows them to be with their... Read More

Martin Keith and Jennifer Shaffer started their business, Deployment Solutions, LLC, in August of 2002, out of necessity after the company they worked for unexpectedly went out of business. With clients in the middle of national technical infrastructure roll-outs, each started consulting to particular retailer clients and drawing from the same source of unemployed technicians for the field work.

Thinking that other companies must need national field techs from a single source, they created Deployment Solutions, LLC, now a leader in the field of IT infrastructure design and support, delivering diverse technical solutions to Fortune 1000 clients throughout the U.S. and Canada. Martin and Jennifer recently acquired an SBA guaranteed line of credit which enables them to take on larger projects and maintain their weekly expenses. They are looking forward to the successful growth of their business.

Young Business Owner Receives SBA Loan for Growth

Jeffrey Jordan started his business, Rescue Social Change Group (RSCG), at age 17, with the help of two friends. RSCG is an innovative social marketing company that helps organizations nationwide inspire change from within. Using progressive methods like social branding, RSCG helps organizations utilize commercial marketing strategies in unprecedented ways.

In 2001, the company began by providing design and web services to the Las Vegas health district’s anti-tobacco coalition, now known as XPOZ. Jeff envisioned a new kind of health campaign – one that would reach the most at-risk individuals and influence culture through integrated marketing strategies. By embracing the realities of the target population, campaigns could focus on redefining cultural identities to exclude certain behaviors, dramatically changing what it meant to be rebellious, punk, or hip hop. That spring, Jeff launched Rescue Productions to make that vision a reality.

Since then RSCG has... Read More

After seeking advice from friends who were already in the transportation business, Edward Stanton started his airport shuttle firm - A North County Coastal Sedan - in April 2002.

Prior to starting his business, Stanton was a taxi driver for five years. After years of driving for an employer, he decided he would rather work for himself. He has no regrets about the decision and enjoys the freedom of being self-employed. Stanton’s tip to others considering going into business is do your homework and don’t be afraid to ask for help.

Stanton manages his business and personal life on a day-to-day basis, dealing with any issues as they arise. Recently, he recognized a need for some additional capital to ease cash flow constraints. He solved money problems by applying for an SBA-guaranteed loan through U.S. Bank. With an approved loan of $13,000, Stanton expects to grow his business enough to purchase more vehicles and hire additional drivers over the next two years... Read More