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Success Stories

Before import businesswoman Yi Ping Mohyi connected with SCORE: Counselors to America’s Small Business, her giftware and decorative accessories business specializing in silk butterflies, bees, dragonflies and flowers was marginally successful. But after attending one of SCORE’s regular workshops on Internet marketing and being taken under the wing of instructor/counselor Marty Weiss, it was as if the silk butterfly business, Heart to Heart Gifts, Inc., of Oceanside, ( suddenly underwent a stunning metamorphosis, sprouted wings and literally took off.

Mohyi first learned about SCORE’s small business resources by picking up some literature about the organization where she registered for her business license. As the owner of a successful Internet business, Weiss used his extensive contacts to put her in touch with top flight photographers and web site designers who helped make her products look highly professional. She refined her business plan,... Read More

Small Business Owner Receives Advice, Guidance for Start-up from SBDC, SCORE

In 2003, paintball enthusiasts Judy Wessels and Kenny Docken opened their paintball store Rocken Paintball. The store carries a large supply of paintball markers and accessories for all the popular markers. Additionally, Judy and Kenny strive to provide the very best in customer service and support to anyone interested in the sport and work hard to promote the fair and safe sport of paintball at all times.

Both Judy and Kenny have played for several teams over the years. Judy Wessels, known as “Judge” Judy, is certified on the Intimidator and the Dye/Proto series of markers. Kenny Docken, known as “Rocken” Docken, has also played for many teams, and has worked in the industry for over ten years and is factory-certified on the Autococker, Angel, Intimidator, Spyder, Tippmann, PMI series and the Dye/Proto series of markers.

Prior to starting the business, Judy attended a business start-up workshop at the Small Business Development Center – North County (SBDC-NC... Read More

Small Business Owner Receives Guidance from SBDITC, Applies for Patent

Graham Solutions and the CargoCatch™ started, literally, from the ground-up, when William Graham found himself punching holes in garden netting in the parking lot of his apartment complex in San Diego. He was attempting to build a cargo restraint device for his pickup truck. The CargoCatch™ is an innovative solution to pickup truck cargo management. It weighs less than 10 pounds and can be installed and removed in seconds. It requires no drilling or tools and will last a lifetime. Three sizes are available to fit any truck and the CargoCatch™ can be mounted in any part of a truck bed.

Soon after building his first prototype, Graham solicited the help of the Small Business Development and International Trade Center (SBDITC) and worked with consultants Richard Clarke, Esq., a patent attorney, on filing, securing and licensing of a patent; Matt Yubas, a product coach, who helped him with a detailed marketing analysis of his idea; and Wayne Lundbergh, an engineer, who... Read More

Small Business Owner Receives Training, Assistance from WBC

In the fall of 2003, during her second year of law school, Moira S. Brennan, Esq. decided to take advantage of her paralegal experience and start her business, Abacus Legal Documents Services. She had worked with a family law firm and had practical experience in that area. At that time she could not provide legal advice, but she could help her clients by completing the confusing legal forms associated with dissolutions. Ms. Brennan recently graduated law school and as a brand new attorney, is expanding her services to include Estate Planning. She is now preparing wills, trusts and advanced directives.

Ms. Brennan recently utilized the proceeds from an SBA guaranteed loan to purchase office equipment and supplies, which will allow her to offer higher quality products and services to her clients. She has also taken advantage of the counseling and training programs offered through the SBA’s resource partners. When she first started her business she sought and received... Read More