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Success Stories

Jose and Lynne Pereira established Pereira Plumbing in 1990 but have actually been in business since the late-1970s. They started out in the pool service business, moved into plumbing, then began installing fire sprinkler systems, and now have obtained a California Class A license as a general engineering contractor.

Pereira’s business has expanded to include asphalt, renovations, painting, abatement, landscaping, HVAC, and mechanical work. Jose plans to obtain two additional licenses this year to continue with his expansion plans Pereira Plumbing is unique in that Jose has a particular talent for problem solving and is constantly trying to sharpen his knowledge and skills. He strongly believes in educating himself, as well as his employees, in all aspects of construction to find better ways to finish a job. As a result, employees are cross-trained so they may perform work in any area of construction.

Jose and Lynne Pereira feel fortunate to be certified... Read More

Dorance Aldridge is not just a business owner, he’s also a cook—Southern Creole and Cajun style. He developed his Creole sauces while operating his restaurant in the South Bay. In 2004, he approached the Small Business Development & International Trade Center (SBDITC) to help him make his sales as hot as his sauces.

Since then, Aldridge has worked to expand his distribution as well as his product line. He met with SBDITC Consultant Matt Yubas to review Brendory’s position in the marketplace and develop tactics to improve that position.

Aldridge also worked with SBDITC Consultant Larry Kirsch to refine his marketing materials. “Both Matt and Larry went out of their way to get information pertinent to my business, specifically,” said Aldridge.

To date, Dorance Aldridge and his partner and wife, Brenda, have increased sales greatly and added new products, including Andouille sausage. The U.S. Navy and Coast Guard now serve food made with Brendory’s... Read More

Small Business Owner Receives Guidance from SCORE, Starts Business

Carlsbad resident Joan Colvin was no different than a lot of inventors and entrepreneur types. She had what she thought was a winning product idea but wasn’t sure what to do with it or how to get started licensing, manufacturing, marketing, distributing and ultimately profiting from it.

The product concept evolved from an activity she planned for guests attending her daughter’s fifth birthday party. The children stuffed small pillows labeled with positive character traits like responsibility, friendship, fairness, honesty and courage into empty teddy bears, bringing the bears to life in their imaginations. The activity provided a fun and imaginative way to teach character traits to children and prompted healthy discussion between parent and child about the value and importance of these traits.

“I had so many ideas and found myself in new territory,” said Colvin, a busy wife, business owner and mother of two young children ages seven and four. “I knew I needed help,... Read More