Success Stories

Reltek, LLC Seals Deal Internationally

High performance adhesives, coatings, and sealants are literally the glue that holds together buildings and equipment worldwide.  And many applications call for specialized, high performance adhesives that can bond unlike materials and hold up under harsh environmental conditions. 

Founded in 1996 by CEO Robert Lindberg, Reltek, LLC, has built its business and its reputation on formulating custom adhesives for every need.  Operating out of Santa Rosa, California, the company soon became aware that the demand for such products was not limited to the US.  With the global economy expanding, calls came in from purchasers around the world.  By entering into several distributor relationships and opening up an e-commerce portal through, Reltek has seen its international sales grow to 30% of annual revenue.  And in 2016, Reltek added a new distributor in China, where the demand for Reltek adhesives is great. 

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Bench-Tek Solutions

Maria Castellon says she is living the American dream.  Originally from Guadalajara, Mexico she moved to Silicon Valley at 20 years old to be with her extended family.  Twenty nine years after arriving to the United States, Maria is the CEO of Bench-Tek Solutions, a family-owned firm that custom designs and manufactures workbenches, racks and carts for use in production and cleanroom environments. 

With no formal higher education, Maria learned everything she knows through hard work, tenacity and great mentors.  After working in a couple different jobs, at 27 she landed a position at a minority family-owned manufacturing firm.  She started as the receptionist and spent the next decade building her business acumen through formal classes, on the job experience and mentorship from the owner. 

After the dotcom crash her mentor closed his business and urged Maria to start her own.  In November 2002, with a modest amount of savings she and her brother Jorge Castellon... Read More

Nona Lim

Nona Lim grew up in Singapore, a country with a thriving food culture.  She was also a serious athlete, almost competing in the Olympics in fencing.  When she moved to the San Francisco Area she began dreaming of starting a business where she could combine her passions and create healthy and delicious foods fit for an active lifestyle.  And thus, in 2006 after receiving free counseling from SCORE Nona was ready to launch her business, Nona Lim. 

Nona Lim started as an online meal delivery program.  However, with the 2008 financial crisis many customers began to cut back on spending.  During this time, Nona reached out to Renaissance Entrepreneurship Center, U.S. Small Business Administration Women’s Business Center.  She enrolled in their program, took classes and received business counseling.  With this mentorship, she was able to keep the business going by pivoting and starting a food-based detox program.  This helped grow revenue and reach new customers.

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Mosaic Global Transportation Community Advantage

Maurice Brewster launched his corporate ground transportation business, Mosaic Global Transportation, in 2002 in Redwood City.

Maurice recalls, “I’ve always loved cars, service and sales.  So when my wife took me to a vintage vehicle show on Father’s Day, the concept hit me like a ton of bricks.”  Fourteen years later, Mosaic Global Transportation is a multi-million dollar international company, employing nearly 100 workers and operating in over 400 cities.

Maurice prides himself on the customer service his company provides: “Every order for transportation services affords us the opportunity to enhance the expectations of our clients – things like knowing our clients favorite beverage or having a favorite newspaper on the seat when they enter the vehicle.”

In 2013, Maurice wanted to accommodate several marquee clients who wanted to be billed for payment.  He required working capital to meet this challenge and approached a major national bank for a loan. He was... Read More