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Simple Ingredients, Complex Flavors

Priti Narayanan was a civil engineer who worked on large scale transportation infrastructure systems like BART and Muni.  She was feeling burnt out at her job.  One night, while walking with her wife in San Francisco, she experienced a life changing event. Priti was run over by a party bus in a near-fatal accident.  She was hospitalized with third-degree burns and her leg was crushed. The event made her re-evaluate her life.

Priti decided to quit her job as an engineer to pursue a career in craft ice cream.  She had always been obsessed with sweets and desserts, something she attributed to her family’s roots in South India.  As a transplant to California, she wanted to combine the fresh local flavors with some of the classical dessert flavors from her youth. Priti grew up in Mumbai, where kulfi, a popular frozen treat that’s traditionally served as a popsicle and made with milk cooked with nuts, sugar and spices was indispensable.

While preparing to start her business, Priti signed up for a series of classes at the Renaissance Entrepreneurship Center’s Women’s Business Center to help write her business plan.  Renaissance has helped many entrepreneurs successfully start and grow their food businesses.

Priti and her wife, Madhuri “Mads” Anji, started Koolfi Creamery soon thereafter. Mads has a background in hospitality and runs the back end of the business, while Priti is in charge of making the kulfi-inspired ice cream.  She uses no artificial flavors and prides herself on making complex flavors from simple ingredients.

In search of more help, Priti also took classes at East Bay SCORE.  East Bay SCORE offers free business mentoring, low-cost or no-cost training, and numerous templates to help business owners start their business.

Koolfi Creamery’s flavors range from traditional like malai kulfi, mango lassi and Alfonso mango to the more daring California concoctions like chipotle-chocolate, goat cheese-blueberry, and salted caramel. There are also flavors for a younger palate such as fairy glitter and perennial favorite cookies’n’cream.

Eventually, they hope to open a permanent location somewhere in the Bay Area, but for now, Koolfi Creamery can be found at their pop-ups throughout the east and south bay.

Company Name: 
Koolfi Creamery
San Leandro