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Walnut Creek Manufacturer Protects Roofs and Promotes Solar Energy

Walnut Creek Manufacturer Protects Roofs and Promotes Solar Energy

Since 2006 Quick Mount PV has designed, engineered, fabricated and sold waterproof solar roof mounting systems for the photovoltaic (PV) electric and solar water heating markets.  They routinely partner with companies working in solar, roofing and electricity. 

A decade ago, there was a need in the burgeoning PV industry to avoid repeating the mistakes of the solar thermal boom of the seventies, namely, not properly flashing and waterproofing the dozens of roof penetrations needed to attach a solar array. Quick Mount PV was created to fill this niche, and they hold the patent rights to a unique mounting system.  Today the company employs 72 employees and continues to grow.

Quick Mount learned about the U. S. Small Business Administration (SBA) 504 loan program through US Bank and TMC Financing.  The SBA created the 504 loan program to provide financing for successful, growing small and medium-sized businesses. Loan proceeds can be used to purchase, renovate or construct commercial real estate properties, or for the acquisition of equipment that has a life expectancy of 10 years or more.

Receiving a 504 loan helped Quick Mount PV in a number of ways. It eliminated the need to be constantly moving manufacturing sites to keep up with rapid growth; it fixed their long term building expenses, and it allowed them to better organize their manufacturing floor and streamline their process.

Quick Mount PV’s goal is to strengthen its position in the solar market while expanding further into the commercial roofing and electrical markets.  They are in the enviable position of needing to choose between the myriad of opportunities before them.  “We need to work with arrows not shotguns as we determine our goals and objectives,” said Claudia Wentworth, CEO.