President Biden announced important changes to the PPP, including a two-week window for businesses with fewer than 20 employees.

Tech Tips Series for Small Business

Tech Tips Webinar Series is brought to you by the U.S. Small Business Administration and Microsoft Corporation.

Small business owners understand the importance of technology in running their business effectively and efficiently. Together the U.S. Small Business Administration and Microsoft are conducting a series of webinars in helping you use technology to run and grow your business.  There will be a wide range of webinars on how to use modern technology and innovation in the daily operation of your business.  You will learn practical and relevant approaches to save time and money, reach more customers, and take advantage of current business software. 

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#1 - The Right Office Technology for the Small Business

#2 - Improve Sales and Revenue Dramatically with CRM

#3 - Getting Started: Technology Tips for Small Business

#4 - Cyber Security Incident Breach Response

#5 - Marketing: 5 Steps to Increase Sales and Revenue

#6 - The Power of Business Intelligence

#7 - Why the Internet of Things is Essential to Small Business

#8 - Informed Strategies for Return on Investment

#9 - The Power of Business Process

#10 - Productivity, Money Saving, and Collaboration

#11 - 10 Reasons You May Have Outgrown Your Accounting Software

#12 - Disaster Recovery - from Cybersecurity to Natural Disasters

#13 - How the Future of Technology Will Change Your Business Drastically

#14 - Seeding America's Technological Future & How Microsoft & SBA Work Together