President Biden announced important changes to the PPP, including a two-week window for businesses with fewer than 20 employees.

SBA Emerging Leaders Program Expansion Supports Honey Belle's Small Business Growth

Iris Cherng is the CEO of Honey Belle in Brea, CA. The business was started in 2015 by Cherng and her boyfriend, Calvin Hang, COO, when they were just 21 years old to provide clean, organic skin care products at an affordable price. In April of 2019, Cherng was accepted into the first Emerging Leaders cohort in Orange County where she has been building an actionable strategic growth plan along with 19 other local small business owners.

Raised by parents who are both holistic doctors of natural medicine, Cherng understands the benefits certain plants and herbs offer the skin. With the guidance of her mother, Cherng started experimenting with recipes to combat adult onset psoriasis she developed while attending college. The results were amazing, and she shared her products with friends. What started as a hobby quickly transformed into a business opportunity and Honey Belle was born.

Honey Belle is a natural and organic skin care company that sells products online and at more than one thousand stores worldwide. The products are handcrafted in small batches at Cherng’ s local micro-factory. Each product is designed to help real skin conditions and complaints through herbs and traditional oriental medicine. The products are created and used by real people who tweak the ingredients until a perfect recipe is discovered.

Cherng is a current participant in the 2019 Emerging Leaders program located in Irvine, CA. She is an active participant in the classroom and has already initiated strategic changes within her business to align her team for growth. Cherng includes her employees in discussions about her goals for Honey Belle and the resulting support has been palpable—the whole company is moving forward together towards a united vision. With the guidance from the Emerging Leaders Program, Honey Belle is on track to double their annual sales to $1.6 million this year and currently supports ten employees. Next year, Honey Belle hopes to hit $3 million in sales.   

Having a passion to help people, Cherng has also started the #soapforsouls project to provide natural soaps for people in need. Honey Belle donates one bar of soap for each body soap purchased. After an accidental arrival in the Skid Row area of Los Angeles, Iris felt moved to aid the community. Honey Belle works with homeless shelters to provide soaps for personal hygiene and to combat the spread of diseases. Honey Belle also donates products to a medical mission group that travels worldwide.

Cherng and Hang are taking control of their future and using the tools SBA’s Emerging Leaders program has provided to carve out a clear path. This millennial team is doing what they love, with people they love, to provide products everyone can love—and that is sweet as Honey Belle.

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