SBA’s Loan Program Helps Expand an Avocado Business while the Fruit’s Popularity Surges

Brian Gomez started working in the avocado business at the young age of 22 where he discovered a deep passion for the produce industry.  While working and building relationships with customers and growers, he subsequently took a position with a much larger company selling avocados in the Asian and European markets.  After feeling he had mastered his position, Gomez felt the calling to start his own company in 2014, GreenFruit Avocados, LLC and subsequently added key people with extensive expertise and experience to the company. 

Southern California is very familiar with the popularity of avocados, its health benefits as a superfood and as an essential ingredient to local cuisine.  Nationally, the fruit is beloved in guacamole especially during Super Bowl and other major sporting events.  Along with the growing global avocado consumption the company saw a need to expand the business.  In 2017 it utilized two of SBA’s loan programs by using the 504 loan program to purchase a building and used the 7(a) flagship loan program to purchase additional equipment.  This enabled GreenFruit Avocados to offer ripening and cold storage services to their grocery stores, restaurants and other clients which eliminated the expense of outsourcing and transporting inventory.

Since then, Gomez’s commitment to building and strengthening the company and his support of the local economy through job creation has generated the climate for his business to grow year over year.  In recognition of his efforts and successes he was selected as the SBA 2018 Region IX Young Entrepreneur of the Year. He maintains an excellent reputation among his peers, partners, clients, community and employees and believes that staying positive, being humble, maintaining focus, empowering his team and being honest and transparent are keys to his business success.

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GreenFruit Avocados, LLC
Newport Beach, CA 92660