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Thin Metal Sales Shines

Jonathan Mulvihill knows his company inside and out since he began working summers at Thin Metal Sales at the young age of 12.  Founded by his uncle in 1976 and acquired by his father in 1983, Thin Metal Sales  processes and supplies thin metal products; foil, strips and sheets such as stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum, copper and brass which is custom cut to size and slit to width based on customer specifications. A Marine Corps veteran who served in the Iraqi Freedom campaign, Jonathan returned to the familiar family business in 2007 allowing him the flexibility to attend college where he learned about entrepreneurship, macro and micro economics and other business focused subjects.  This new knowledge gave him a different perspective of the business he felt he could apply to propel the company to new growth. 

Jonathan became the General Manager in 2015, but as events of the time would prevail, the high availability of low cost steel from China used by competitors caused sales to shrink that year. By persevering and maintaining sound business principles, the company went on to experience moderate increases in revenue for 2016 and 2017 at which time Jonathan became a majority owner in partnership with his father.   When steel tariffs were imposed in early 2018, he found his company in a uniquely favorable position.  This event triggered numerous thin metal buyers in industries such as consumer products, medical devices and aerospace to rush to his competitors and make their purchases in advance of the tariffs, which in turn caused many to run out of product.  Thin Metal Sales had plenty of inventory and they were able to bring in new customers when their competitors were unable to supply to them. This allowed them the opportunity to retain these new customers by maintaining low pricing and providing high quality materials and service. 2018 saw an impressive 40% increase in sales.

Jonathan will tell you he is a numbers guy, and this is certainly demonstrated when he pulls up various spreadsheets and analyses for the company. Extraordinary company growth, tax savings from the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act and new favorable depreciation rules inspired him to reinvest nearly $134,000 in new equipment, upgrades and repairs to existing equipment, website updates and  provide generous company bonuses to his eleven employees which he trains and promotes from within for the highly skilled positions. His belief in continuous improvement led him to join one of SBA’s funded Resource Partner programs, the SCORE Orange County CEO Forum where valuable information and shared experiences with other business leaders in a peer group setting provide a trusted advisory group to gain tools and knowledge and help keep the company in a growth mode.  This Veteran owned small business has seen many interesting applications of its product such as copper used in the Mars Rover projects, thin metals used on a number of movie sets and too many aerospace projects to list.  Thin Metal Sales is in good hands with Jonathan at the helm. 

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Thin Metal Sales
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