Success Stories


Fontana, Calif. based small business becomes client of TriTech SBDC, secures SBIR award, sees potential commercial applications for technology developed under grant funding by the Department of Defense

SANTA ANA, CA – Research and development of new technologies and products can be prohibitively expensive for a small business to consider, but a Phase I Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) grant provided by the Department of the Navy to Fontana, Calif. based Hal Technology, Inc., will help the company do exactly that.

The company, which designs and manufactures environmental monitoring instruments, received the award in response to the Department of the Navy’s 2012 annual SBIR solicitation.  In the solicitation, one of the topics identified by Navy as being a priority for R&D was to develop a dust sensor for real-time engine health monitoring.  Given that prolonged sand and dust exposure leads to gas turbine component... Read More

Small business with offices in Placentia and Redlands obtains SBA guaranteed refinance in June, saves $7500 per month, creates 6 jobs and plans to hire 2-4 more

SANTA ANA, CA – George Squires had a successful career working as a Vice President for a distributor of office equipment when he discovered an opportunity to purchase the distribution rights to a proprietary platform for delivering purified water.  Curious about the market potential and product, Squires conducted some research and discovered that bottled water sales exceed $12 billion in the United States annually and more than 70% of workplaces offer free bottled or filtered water to their employees.  He also recognized the technology behind the delivery method for most businesses was antiquated, having stayed fundamentally similar to the days when animal skins and wooden carts were used for transportation as opposed to five gallon bottles and delivery trucks. 

Confident that there was a market for purified... Read More


How can a woman remain active in the business world while staying at home with her children? For 42-year-old Tustin resident Wendy Navarro, the solution was launching online toddler and baby boutique Saige Nicole’s.

"After 13 years as an organizational development and training specialist with the Superior Court, I resigned my position to be home with my son and daughter," said Navarro.

However, three years later she wanted to get back to business. So, she and her husband Rick, an IT professional, put a tick list together for an ideal family business. With Navarro’s background in retail management, she and her husband agreed that establishing a small, online baby and toddler boutique was ideal. The boutique, named after her now 16-year-old daughter, first went online in 2006.

Over the years, Navarro has developed relationships with a number of independent designers, many of whom are moms who have also gone into business... Read More


When Colin Burgos left the Marine Corps in 2005 after eight years of service as an infantryman, including a deployment in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom, he knew there was a need for the type of business he would later start in 2007.  Camp Pendleton-based Marines were flocking to off-base retailers and online stores to purchase tactical equipment such as load bearing vests, ammunition pouches, slings, holsters, and hydration systems to help make their jobs easier, spending hundreds of dollars out of their own pockets on mission-specific gear that they feel is more customized to suit their needs than basic issue gear from the military supply system. 

 “Those that serve in the military during a time of war, like now, can undergo multiple combat deployments and have a better idea of the gear that works for them and the gear that doesn’t,” Colin elaborates. “The basic issued gear list is sufficient, but, on the other hand, it is what it is: basic, and not... Read More