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JG Management Systems

JG Management Systems, Inc. (JGMS) is a company that specializes in technical management services. They utilize engineering methodologies to provide operational and technical support to their clients. Jerome Gonzales founded JGMS in 2001 and started with one employee. Today, Jerome has grown his company to more than 57 full-time employees and 28 consultants. Jerome believes for a company to truly be successful, the company needs to also be a part of the community. “We want our company not only to do well, but also to do good!” Each year, five percent of corporate profits are donated to charitable nonprofit organizations within the community. Jerome believes that servant leadership is important, and because of this, he provides paid time off to all of his employees so they too can contribute time to a charity of their choice. 'SBA has been a huge influence on our success and the assistance of the 8a program as well as the Business Development Specialist (BDS) has benefited our company greatly.' Additionally, JGMS provides 100% of employee and family medical, dental, and vision, as well as short and long-term disability insurance and a matching IRA program.